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Winter Road Plan 2014/2015

Safe passable roadways:   are free of as much ice and snow pack as is practical and can be traveled safely by motorists at reasonable speeds. (Note: A safe passable roadway must not be confused with “dry pavement, “ “bare/wet pavement,” or “wet” pavement, which is essentially free of all snow, sleet, and ice from shoulder to shoulder.  It is not realistic to provide bare pavements on roadways during winter storm events and the Township does not have a policy to provide them.) Mailboxes:    Because the post office has certain placement requirements regarding the location of mailboxes, the Township does not prohibit property owners from placing mailboxes within the limits of the legal right-of-way.  Since these mailboxes are not placed under permit regulations, technically they are encroachments, and remain at the … Read entire post »

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Shohola Falls Road – Limited Thru Way Traffic

Starting Tuesday, September 16th, there will be limited thru way traffic on Shohola Fall Road, due to the installation of utility poles and power lines.     … Read entire post »

Twp Today Fall 2014

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2014 List of Officials

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In Case of Emergency

Create a personal safety net by organizing these 50 items into go-to kits in case of natural disaster – be it hurricane, earthquake, fire or flood.  Use this checklist to start stockpiling the necessities you shouldn’t be without. FIRST-AID KIT Tailor this kit to your specific needs.  Check  expiration dates every six months, resupplying when necessary. Prescription medications/equipment (14-day supply) Sterile gloves (2 pairs) Sterile dressings, adhesive bandages Multipurpose pocket knife Soap Antibiotic ointment Burn ointment Eyewash for flushing contaminants Thermometer Aspirin/pain reliever Antacid Anti-diarrhea medication Laxative Sanitation items (toilet paper,  plastic bags, hand sanitizer) Toothbrushes, toothpaste Hearing aids with extra batteries. Spare glasses, contact lenses.   Ready-to-Go Container In case of an evacuation, pack these important items along with your first-aid kit and essential papers. One gallon of water per person, per day (3 -day supply) * Food:  … Read entire post »

74 – Nuisance Ordinance

Nuisance Ordinance No. 74 … Read entire post »